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Youth Services

Youth Aboriginal Health Workers

Our Aboriginal Health Workers provide culturally safe access to care for vulnerable young people who identify as Aboriginal. All young people accessing Youth Health will be given the opportunity to engage with an Aboriginal Health Worker.

Aboriginal Health Workers work with local community partners, such as schools, Aboriginal community organisations and youth centres, aiming to remove barriers to health care through:

  • providing cultural support for young people including education around traditions, spirituality and lore, kinship structures and Aboriginal service knowledge and pathways
  • psychological and social support
  • practical support to access appropriate health care, complete forms, contact services and arrange appointments
  • collaboration with key partners such as schools, TAFE, local Council, and non-government organisations to encourage engagement with the healthcare system
  • post-discharge follow up and support for young people under 18 years who attend Wyong or Gosford hospital for care
  • case coordination for Aboriginal youth with multiple vulnerabilities or chronic and complex health conditions who cannot access case management elsewhere
  • supporting Aboriginal youth to contribute to service development via the Youth Reference Group or other feedback avenues
  • group programs
  • providing cultural and developmentally appropriate resources and information.
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