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Our Services

Acute and Urgent Services

All acute and urgent services require a referral through any of the following:

Wyong Hospital Emergency Department, GP, Children’s Ward at Gosford Hospital or allied health professionals(such as physiotherapist, occupational therapist).

Acute Review Clinic provides medical and nursing review, treatment and support and care for children duringacute illness. Short term observation and administration of IV infusions, antibiotics and fluids. Note: acute referralsfrom GPs may be taken however the GP must contact the PAU before care for the patient is accepted.

Telephone support is provided to parents of acutely unwell children who are referred to the service. Families mayreceive a follow up phone call if their child has presented to Wyong Hospital Emergency Department. Short stayservice provides short stay facility to enhance the acute review clinics and accommodates short stay procedures such as administration of blood products or prolonged infusions.

Outreach nursing and Hospital-in-the-Home (HITH) provides home visiting for assessment and treatment ofacutely unwell children. Wound Clinic provides wound care and suture removal. Burns Clinic provides dressingsand management of burns in collaboration with the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns Services.

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