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Routine paediatric outpatient clinics

The following outpatient services require a referral from your GP or other hospitals (for example, Westmead Children’s Hospital).

Routine outpatient clinic

Medicare billed specialist clinics, available most weekdays. Patients are non-urgent, subacute or have a chronic illness. A medical referral from your GP or specialist is required – more information on the referral process is available on our eReferrals page.

Asthma education clinic

This clinic provides asthma education. Families can self-refer for education or be referred by the Emergency Department.

Allergy and anaphylaxis service

This service provides allergy, anaphylaxis and EpiPen education, skin prick testing and oral food challenges. The service is delivered by a nurse practitioner and requires a referral from a paediatrician or immunologist.

Wound Clinic

The wound clinic provides ongoing wound management. A GP or emergency department referral is required.

Chronic and Complex Community Team Gosford and Wyong

This team provides management of children with chronic and complex medical conditions within the home as well as palliative care. A referral from a paediatrician or tertiary hospital (for example, Westmead Children’s Hospital) is required.

Out of Home Care (OOHC)

OOHC provides support and paediatric medical review for children in out of home care. A referral from a GP, Family and Community Services (previously known as DoCs) or another hospital is required.

Oncology shared care program

This program provides care for children with cancer in collaboration with a children’s hospital. This includes central line care, simple chemotherapy and routine monitoring of a patient’s condition and pathology and initial management of febrile neutropenia. Referral from a tertiary hospital or inpatient service is required.

At risk immunisation

This service provides immunisation under close supervision for children at risk of having an immunisation reaction, either because of previous reactions or a strong family history of reactions. A referral from your GP, Child and Family Health, other inpatient services or a tertiary hospital is required.

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