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Our Services

Specialist Services

The Central Coast Specialist Centre provides access to a comprehensive range of specialist medical services to the residents of the Central Coast on an affordable and bulk billed basis.

Although we are located in the grounds of Gosford Hospital we are not part of the outpatient service. We are a standalone service operating independently.

Please see a list of specialists below.


Dr Margaret Layton
Dr Owais Chaudhri
Dr Tripti Joshi
Dr Lili Yuen
Dr Flavian Joseph

Appointments & correspondence:
Tel: 02 4320 3266  Fax: 02 4320 2239

Paediatric endocrinology

Dr Richard McGee

Appointments & correspondence:
Tel: 02 4320 5600 Fax: 02 4320 5606

Paediatric multidisciplinary diabetes clinic

Dr Richard McGee
Dr Stewart Birt

(Clinics supported by Diabetes Nurse Educators, Dieticians and Social Workers)

Appointments & correspondence:
T: 02 4320 5600 F: 02 4320 5606


Dr Glenn Hawken
Dr Satbir Singh
Dr James Pang
Dr James Panetta
Dr Karl Herba
Dr Rishi Sud
Dr Kellie Taylor

Upper GI & General Surgery

Dr Amanda Dawson
Appointments & Correspondence:
T: 02 4320 5572  F: 02 4320 3508


Dr Kate Cotter
Dr Bhavna Aggarwal


Dr Deo De Wit
Dr Gabrielle O’Kane
Dr Ruchir Chavada

Neurosciences (inc. Parkinson’s Disease)

A/Prof Scott Whyte
(clinics supported by Parkinson’s nurse and social worker)
Dr James Evans
Dr Bill O’Brien


Dr Gurjit Bakshi
A/Prof Buckmaster
Dr Ahmed Khan
Dr Hassan Sharifi
Dr Damon Shorter
Dr Pooja Kashap

Plastic Surgery

Dr Mihaela Lefter
Dr Jean Cha

Respiratory Medicine

Dr Richard Lee
Dr Rajeev Ratnavadivel

Vascular Surgery

Dr Adrian Tchen

Hepatology clinics

Run by registered nurses and social work
Appointments & correspondence:
T: 02 4320 2390  F: 02 4320 3449

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