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Chest Clinic

The Chest Clinic is located at Gosford Hospital and provides screening, management, education and treatment for tuberculosis, also known as TB.

The Clinic is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. TB screening is performed on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Who is eligible?

The services of the chest clinic are available to the following:

  • people with active TB disease, latent or dormant TB infection and those who need to be investigated for these types.
  • anyone who has been in contact with TB
  • people who are preparing for a transplant or prior to commencing certain medications or before certain procedures health workers
  • people going to or returning from high-risk countries for three months or more extended periods.


No referral is needed for TB screening and assessment by the nurse.

A referral from your GP or specialist doctor is required for TB specialist consultations.

All referrals should be emailed to

Tests performed

Tuberculin skin test

The tuberculin skin test (TST), also known as a Mantoux test, is used to assess whether a person has been infected with TB.

The test is performed in two parts and clients will need to attend both days for the test to be valid. On the first day a risk assessment is carried out. This is followed by an injection of purified protein into the skin on the forearm (this is not a live vaccine). The client returns 48 to 72 hours following the injection for assessment of the injection site for any reaction to then finalise the test.

Screening days for TST

TST is performed at Gosford Hospital on a Tuesday with the patient returning on the Friday for finalisation of the test or on a Friday with the patient returning on the Monday for finalisation of the test.

TB risk Assessment

For those with a positive IGRA result or TB symptoms or other TB risks.

Can be done with a face-to-face appointment or via telehealth. Except for clients on TB Undertaking who will need to attend face to face appointments

Chest X-rays

Following assessment by the nurse you will be provided with a chest X-ray request form. chest X-ray can be performed at Gosford or Wyong hospitals. There is no charge or appointment for the X-ray.

Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)

DOT is used to help reduce the spread of TB and help you complete therapy as quickly as possible without any gaps. If medications are not taken on time or treatment is incomplete it can increase the risk of drug-resistance and impact on the effectiveness of treatment.

A TB nurse or a health professional coordinated by the TB service will provide your medication and observe the medication being taken, check for side effects, document your visit and answer any questions.

DOT is available five days per week in the clinic. If you are unable to attend the Chest Clinic the nurse will make alternative


Services include:

  • investigations for suspected cases of TB
  • management and supervision of TB treatment by TB specialist
  • contact screening and evaluation of people in close contact with infectious TB
  • and pathology services for TB related checks
  • medical consultation by TB specialist
  • health care worker occupational screening
  • TB nursing assessment, education, screening of persons at risk of developing TB
  • TB education and counselling
  • screening, monitoring, education and follow up of persons on TB Health Undertaking

Getting here

The Chest Clinic is located on Level 3 of Gosford Hospital. Please see the respiratory reception upon arrival.

Access is via the main entrance of the hospital only.

If you park in the P1 multistorey car park, take the car park lift to Level 4 and follow the signs to the main entry. If you park in the P2 multistorey car park on Showground Road exit on Level 6 and follow signs to the main entry. At the main entry continue straight ahead to the lifts. Take the lifts to Level 3. Follow the signs to the Respiratory Reception.


There is no charge for investigations and treatment of active or latent TB, contact screening, staff screening, people preparing for a transplant or prior to commencing certain medications or for those people travelling to countries of high-risk exposure.

A $50 fee is payable for students and occupational screening or anyone who does fit above criteria including healthcare workers from other health services.

Contact us

To make an appointment contact 02 4320 3388 (Monday 8.30am to 3pm, Tuesday and Friday 8.30am to 4pm.) For calls outside of these hours please leave message and we will return your call.

For more information about TB contact the TB Coordinator on 02 4320 2094 or

Useful resources

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