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Cancer Services

Referrals to our Service

The following information is for medical practitioners seeking to refer a patient to Cancer Services. Patients and carers are kindly requested to speak to their specialist or GP to organise a referral to the service.

For all enquiries or to speak directly to a specialist, please contact the Central Coast Cancer Centre on 02 4320 9888 and you will directed to the appropriate person.

Cancer genetics referrals

Please address all referrals to:

Emeritus Professor Allan Spigelman
Cancer Genetics
Central Coast Cancer Centre
Gosford NSW 2250
Fax 02 4320 9780

Haematology referrals

GPs, specialists and health professionals can direct referrals to:

Dr. Cecily Fosyth
Phone: 02 4324 8488
Fax: 02 8212 5864
Referrals are accepted by fax/email/Argus.

Dr. Alison Lyons
Phone: 02 4312 6230
Fax: 02 4312 6233

Dr. Campbell Tiley
Dr. Tasman Armytage
Phone: 02 4320 2266
Fax: 02 4320 2775

Dr. Mark Dean
Dr. Brenton Wylie
Dr Koon Lee
Phone: 02 4320 3894
Fax: 02 4320 2775

Medical oncology referrals

Please fax referrals to 02 4320 9780.

Medical oncologists will review the referral and allocate appointments. The patient will be informed of the appointment by administrative staff.

Radiation oncology referrals

Please send referrals via:

Phone: 02 4320 9779 (New Patient Bookings Liaison)
Fax: 02 4320 9780

For all other general inquiries, please phone 02 4320 9888 and your call will be directed appropriately.

Referral letters can be generic (preferred) or addressed to the relevant specialists. They should include all the relevant information including reason for referral, pathology, radiology and other relevant investigations to expedite allocation of appointments.

The referral will be reviewed by the New Patient Booking Liaison, who will allocate the first available appointment based on the subspecialty for the relevant radiation oncologist. The patient will then be informed of the appointment, typically on the day of receiving the referral. The referring doctor, or their practice, will also be informed of the patient’s appointment.

There are currently no waiting lists for new patient appointments or radiotherapy treatments at the Central Coast Cancer Centre.

The aim of the Cancer Centre is to ensure that the Central Coast community has access to the best possible holistic care – free of cost and free from stress.

Set in a peaceful, relaxing and highly functional environment, Central Coast patients can access high quality, modern radiotherapy treatments close to home without needing to travel to Sydney or Newcastle.

Palliative care service referrals

A referral to the Central Coast Specialist Palliative Care service can be made by either the GP or current treating medical specialist.  For current inpatients in our hospitals, a consultation request may be made by the treating medical team.  A referral to the service is a referral for assessment in the first instance.  Following this, assessment and ongoing involvement with the service may be appropriate.

Please note: the Central Coast Specialist Palliative Care Service is a consultative service that assists GPs and medical specialists. For patients located in community settings, the GP and primary nursing service remain the main providers of ongoing care, including prescriptions, certificates and so on.

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