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Nutrition in early childhood

Early childhood (0-5 years of age) is an ideal time to influence healthier eating practices that will last a lifetime. Parents, carers and early childcare education and care (ECEC) staff need credible information to support children to learn to eat well.


External page link Breastfeeding
For services and information to promote, protect and support mothers to breastfeed.

PICNIC Project

External page link Feeding toddlers and young children – support for parents – Picnic Project

For parents of children aged 0-6, the PICNIC Project provides education and support around introducing solids and how to feed young children.

Munch & Move

External page link Munch & Move

The Munch & Move program provides education and support to ECEC staff around healthy eating, physical activity and reducing screen time.

Early Childcare Menu Support

External page link Early Childcare Menu Support

Children may spend eight hours or more each day in care. The NSW Ministry of Health recommends that children in care for eight hours be provided with at least 50% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of all nutrients. Our service provides a range of education and support opportunities to help childcare centres plan nourishing meals for the children in their care.

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