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Maternity Services

Antenatal Share Care with your GP

Having a baby is a major life event for a woman and her family, and every woman should have access to the antenatal care of their choice.

antenatal care imageOne option is Antenatal Share Care with your GP. This means that your GP and the midwives and doctors at the hospital (Gosford or Wyong) work together to care for you during your pregnancy. Your GP provides most of your antenatal care, and refers you to the hospital if you experience complications.

All appointments at the hospital are covered by your Medicare card.

How it works

  • Ask your GP if they participate in shared care.
  • Your GP will order any initial blood tests or ultrasounds that may be required. They will then refer you to the ante-natal clinic at the hospital for a free ‘Booking In’ appointment with a midwife.
  • At 10 weeks gestation, phone 02 4320 2884 to make the ‘Booking In’ appointment for between weeks 14 and 16. Take a referral letter from your GP with you to the appointment. Until then, your GP will provide your early antenatal care.
  • During the ‘Booking In’ appointment the midwife will take a comprehensive medical history and answer any questions you may have. Your GP will receive a letter back from the Antenatal Clinics after your Booking In appointment confirming you have chosen GP Antenatal Share Care.
  • Follow up visits can be with your GP until 36 weeks.
  • A midwife will ring you at approximately 28-30 weeks gestation to check on your wellbeing/progress, follow up your test results and answer any questions you may have. The midwife will also refer you to the antenatal clinic at the hospital at any time should you have any problems.
  • From 36 weeks of pregnancy, your follow up visits would be with the midwives at the antenatal clinic at the hospital until the birth.

For your schedule and what to expect at each visit, see:

PDF Document Antenatal Share Care with your GP at Gosford and Wyong Hospitals (116 KB)

The benefits


You already have a good relationship with your GP, they know your history and your family, and you trust them.


Your GP is likely to be closer to home, which could mean a better choice of appointment dates and times, and easier parking. They can also organise blood tests and ultrasounds.

Continuity of care

Your GP will be looking after the baby and the whole family after the birth.


Many GPs will bulk bill for antenatal care. Ask your GP if this is an option.

What others say

I chose to do shared care with my GP because I know her appointments are thorough and I feel comfortable with her; I’ve been with her for over 10 years. She knows everything about me, including my history and my children, and I will be coming back here with the baby. It’s not just the affordability and convenience, but the relationship and rapport with her,” – Jodie, mother of four.

More information

To learn more about shared care, you can speak to:

    • Your GP
    • A midwife when you make your booking-in appointment
    • Jo Andrew, Midwifery Unit Manager of Antenatal Services on 02 4320 3863 or
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