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Acute Post-Acute Care (APAC)

APAC is an acute service which means we can treat many conditions in your home that would have meant being admitted to hospital. APAC is developing ways to help you avoid being seen in the emergency department and staying in the hospital. One of the important ways we do this is by allowing your usual doctor to arrange the medical treatment.

Many people treated by the APAC service have already had a brief hospital stay. The hospital admission is shorter as the treatment can be provided effectively at home.

APAC is a team of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, community care aides and social workers. Treatment can be provided in your home, residential aged care facility (nursing home or hostel) or at the APAC clinics. APAC clinics are held at both Gosford and Wyong hospitals.

Our team will work with your local doctor, medical specialists, residential aged care facility and other community health teams to make sure your healthcare is co-ordinated and their communication about your progress is maintained.

APAC provides seven days a week, year-round service from 7 am to 8.30pm specialising in providing care that:

  • avoids emergency department presentations
  • avoids admission to hospital
  • allows early discharge from hospital
  • helps with getting access to specialised health services for people with a chronic health problem.

How to access APAC

Your local GP or specialist can refer you to APAC if you have a condition that needs treatment by the APAC team. Your doctor can phone APAC and organise treatment.

One of the APAC team will contact you within 24 hours. Most treatments can be started on the same day.

People already in the hospital can be referred to APAC by the nurses and doctors.

Your GP has referred you to APAC provides information on what will happen now that you have been referred to APAC in addition to information on caring for your intravenous cannula and contacting our service.

PDF Document Your GP has referred you to APAC (277 KB)

Who can be seen by APAC?

APAC services are available to people living in the Gosford and Wyong Local Government Areas. You will need to have a local GP or specialist who can review your progress during APAC treatment usually twice a week.

The most common conditions treated by APAC are skin, wound and bone infections. We also treat people with severe chest and urinary tract infections and care for women recovering from breast surgery.

APAC staff need to have a safe and clean environment to work in and need to be able to contact you to arrange treatment times. For more information about our service and your responsibilities see our guide for patients, carers and families.

PDF Document APAC patients, carers and families guide (67 KB)

Do I need to pay?

Treatment by APAC staff is bulk billed.  You may be written a prescription by your GP or specialist that you will need to pay for at the chemist like any other medication.

When and how often will I be seen?

APAC will visit once or twice a day depending on the treatment required. For people being seen by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers the visits may be less frequent.

The APAC teamwork from 7 am to 8.30pm. We will call you before coming to visit to ensure you will be home and give you an estimation of our arrival time.

Do you have to come to my home or residence?

APAC has a clinic at Wyong and Gosford hospitals. For some people, it is more convenient to arrange a time to have treatment in one of these hospital-based clinics.

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