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Hearing Assessments

Audiology services provide hearing assessments for babies from 10 months (corrected if premature), toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children – kindergarten to year 6 – in order to identify childhood hearing loss and to facilitate treatment at the youngest age possible.

Infants through to kindergarten-aged children, children with special needs/disabilities and Aboriginal children, are the first priority for screening. We aim to see Aboriginal children as young as possible and to alert their families to the high incidence of ear disease (otitis media) in the Aboriginal population.

Referrals are welcome but not mandatory.

Contact 02 4320 3121 for referrals and information.

Newborn hearing screening

The NSW Statewide Infant Screening Hearing (SWISH) program aims to identify all babies born in NSW with significant permanent bilateral hearing loss by 3 months of age, and for those children to be able to access appropriate intervention by 6 months of age.

SWISH screening usually occurs in the maternity ward before you are discharged home. If your baby has missed out please contact 02 4328 7940 to arrange an appointment.

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