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Please see below all current neuro-oncology clinical trials of the Central Coast Cancer Centre.


The Multi-Arm GlioblastoMa Australasia (MAGMA) Trial is a platform trial that will assess a number of options in standard of care for the management of glioblastoma. Initial questions of interest are: QUESTION 1 whether or not to give a cycle of temozolomide prior to chemoradiotherapy and QUESTION 2: whether to give 6 or 12 cycles of temozolomide after chemoradiotherapy.

Principal Investigator: Dr Malmaruha Arasaratnam
Study Coordinator: Maree Jarrett
Status:  Recruiting
Condition: Brain Cancer
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For more information about medical oncology clinical trials please contact the Nurse Unit Manager on 02 4320 9890 or see:

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