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Sleep Investigation Unit

People who have been diagnosed by a respiratory/sleep specialist with a possible sleep disorder can be referred to the Sleep Investigation Unit at Gosford Hospital for a sleep study.

If you believe you have a sleep disorder you must visit your GP first, who can refer you to a respiratory/sleep specialist, if appropriate.

How does a sleep study work?

A sleep study involves making several non-invasive measurements of the body’s functions during sleep. They include EEG (brain waves), eye movements, muscle tone, airflow during breathing, oxygen levels, electrocardiogram and leg movements as well as overnight video.
When booked for a sleep study, the sleep laboratory staff will contact you by phone to confirm the time and date of attendance, as well as post an information sheet explaining many aspects of the preparation and procedures of testing.
Home based sleep testing, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) titrations and other more complex sleep testing can also be performed at the request of your referring specialist.

How much does the testing cost?

All sleep tests are bulk billed when referred by a respiratory/sleep specialist.

When do I get my results?

The results of the study will be posted to the requesting specialist within two to three weeks.

Getting here

The Sleep Investigation Unit (SIU) is located on Level 3 of Gosford Hospital, close to the Outpatients department. Access is via the main entrance of the hospital only.

Please note that there is no longer access to Level 3 of the hospital via the Outpatients driveway and drop-off area. This has become part of the construction zone for our new hospital.

If you park in the multistorey car park, take the car park lift to Level 5 and follow the signs to the main entrance. Walk through the main entrance to the lifts and go down to Level 3. Follow the signs to the Respiratory Investigation Unit and Sleep Investigation Unit.

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