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Maternity Services

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding has many benefits for mother and baby. It contains all the nutrients required and changes to adapt to your baby’s needs. It is recommended that babies are exclusively breastfed where possible until six months old, when solid foods can be introduced. Breastfeeding can be continued for as long as the mother and child desire.

Breastfeeding is a normal physiological process, however it is a skill that needs practice. Support and assistance in establishing breastfeeding is available from Central Coast Local Health District, through your midwife or care provider as well as the resources and information below.

Services and support

Breastfeeding support is available at Central Coast Local Health District both antenatally and postnatally through a range of services.

Antenatal support

Internal page link Gosford Hospital Antenatal Clinic – Discuss with your midwife or care provider

Postnatal support

Internal page link Community Health Centres

Internal page link Child and Family Health Nursing Services – Breastfeeding support drop-in sessions

Internal page link Clinics – Lactation support via Gosford Antenatal Clinic, by appointment

Discuss with your midwife or care provider.

Access other services, support, resources and advice

External page link Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)
Including their Breastfeeding Helpline – 1800 686 268 (24 hours, everyday) and mum2mum app. The ABA is Australia’s peak breastfeeding body, offering breastfeeding information, resources, online education classes, podcast episodes and more.

External page link Karitane
Call 1300 227 464, and the Virtual breastfeeding clinic.

External page link Tresillian Family Care Centres: Baby Advice & Parenting Tips
Parents Help Line – 1300 272 736

External page link Pregnancy, Birth and Baby
Hotline – 1800 882 436

External page link MotherSafe
Helpline – 1800 647 848 for concerns about exposures (e.g. medications, radiation) while breastfeeding.

External page link Raising Children Network – the Australian parenting website.

Additional resources

External page link Breastfeeding your baby (PDF)

External page link ABA Multilingual Breastfeeding Booklets: How Breastfeeding Works (Australian Breastfeeding Association and Multilingual Health Communication Service)

External page link Skin-to-skin contact – Australian Breastfeeding Association

External page link The first week – Australian Breastfeeding Association

The benefits of breastfeeding

Why is breastfeeding recommended?

For most babies, breastmilk is everything they need to be well and healthy for the first six months of life. Exclusively breastfeeding (when the baby is only given breastmilk) maximises the benefits of breastfeeding for families. Your midwife of healthcare provider can discuss the benefits of breastfeeding with you.

Benefits for baby

Breastmilk contains essential elements to protect and build your baby’s immune system. Breastmilk changes from feed to feed to meet the needs of each baby and promotes healthy growth and development. Breastfeeding also promotes attachment between you and your baby through close interaction and skin-to-skin contact. Babies who receive breastmilk also have a reduced risk of some health conditions including urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal disorders, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and diabetes.

Benefits for mother

Breastfeeding has significant health benefits for mothers. It may help the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy state faster, reduce the risk of mothers with gestational diabetes (GD) developing type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and pre-menopausal breast cancer and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

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