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Surgery waiting times

​Surgery waiting times apply to patients who are scheduled to have a planned operation – this is known as elective surgery.

Emergency or trauma surgery is classified as surgery that is required to be performed within 72 hours.

Your doctor will request the hospital’s booking unit to add you to the waiting list for surgery. This waitlist referral will be allocated a clinical priority category according to the urgency of the procedure and the timeframe for your surgery.

Waiting times vary depending on the clinical priority category.

You will be notified of the approximate wait time when you are added to the waiting list.

When a date has been scheduled for your surgery you will be notified of your planned admission date and the hospital where your surgery will be performed. Please note that your surgery may be performed at either Gosford or Wyong Hospital.

If you become unwell you should notify your GP, your specialist or the hospital. Changes in your condition or general health may have implications for the timing of your procedure or lead to your clinical priority category being re-assessed.

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