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Patients & Visitors

Day of surgery
Checking in

Please arrive on time for your procedure or surgery.

  • When you arrive at the hospital, please go to the admissions area near the hospital main entry.
  • You will be ‘checked in’ by admissions staff and your paperwork, personal details and local doctor information will be confirmed.
  • Once you have been admitted you will move to the J5 Surgical Centre (if at Gosford Hospital), Paediatric Inpatient Unit (if a child admission) or the Surgical Admissions Centre (if at Wyong Hospital).
  • A nurse will then ask you some more questions and take your pulse, blood pressure and weight.
  • You will be asked to change into a hospital gown in preparation for your procedure or surgery.
  • If you need a medical certificate or a carer’s certificate, please let the nursing staff know on admission so this can be organised.
Visitors and support people

We understand that some patients like to have family or friends with them when they come to hospital however, due to limited space and patient privacy we would appreciate if the number of support people is limited to one or two.

Visitors can wait in the Surgical Admission Centre’s waiting room while the patient is in the operating theatre area (a minimum of three hours) or they may choose to go to the Carer Retreat if at Gosford Hospital, go home or to work and return later. Carers of day patients will be contacted when the patient is ready for discharge.

If there are special circumstances related to the admission of your family member or person you care for and they require additional support during their stay please let our staff know.

Patient enquiries

To enquire about a relative or loved one who is at either Gosford or Wyong Hospital contact 02 4320 3248.

Possibility of postponement

Occasionally emergency operations or unexpected delays can occur and your procedure or surgery may be postponed. If this happens you will be told as early as possible and you may be discharged from hospital without the procedure or surgery being performed. We are aware of the stress and inconvenience this can cause and a high priority will be given to your readmission.

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