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Pastoral Care

Caring for the everyday needs of another in addition to taking care of oneself requires considerable ability to plan and co-ordinate. There are a range of tools and resources to assist carers balance their care and that of the person they support. Take a look at Carers NSW for practical advice alternatively you may be interested in the UK based Caring with Confidence website which contains online training, video snippets and resources.

A suite of resources have been developed for carers:

Emergency Care Plan

Emergency Care Plan coverHelps to lessen the impact of a crisis/emergency

PDF Document Emergency Planning kit (107 KB) 

Advance Care Planning resources

Advance Care Planning resources poster

PDF Document Poster (401 KB)

PDF Document Brochure (571 KB)

PDF Document Workbook (1.78 MB)

record values and preferences for health and medical interventions

eol coverPDF Document Carers guidebook (1.24 MB)

gives practical information and advice for carers planning end of life care at home.

PDF Document Planning pathways for carers (71 KB)

PDF Document Planning pathways for health professionals (61 KB)

External page link  Carers NSW

External page link  Caring with confidence

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