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TOP5 Research and Practice

TOP5 has been taken up by hospitals in Local Health Districts of Sydney, Nepean Blue Mountains and Western Sydney, South Eastern Sydney, South-Western Sydney, Hunter New England, Northern NSW, and Mid North Coast. The strategy has also been initiated in over 30 residential aged care facilities on the Central Coast, and adopted by residential aged care facilities in Revesby, Hornsby, Greenwood and Wollongong.

TOP5 has been identified as a best practice tool in NSW Dementia Services Framework for hospital settings.

  • Recognised by Alzheimer’s Australia as successful initiative for carer involvement and person-centred practice.
  • The Partnering with Patients program of the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) acknowledged TOP5 as worthy of further expansion. In 2012 the CEC sought and received funding from HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation for a two year trial to implement and research the impact of TOP5 in 15 public and five private hospitals across NSW.

Publications & conference papers

Issac,L M., Buggy. E., Sharma, A., Karberis, A., Maddock, K M., Weston, K. (2018). Enhancing hospital care of patients with cognitive impairment.

Keane, S. TOP5 – Engaging carers in person centred care for people with confusion and / or communication difficulties. Abstract – Australian Association of Gerontology conference. April, 2008. Available from: Top 5- engaging carers in person centred care for inpatients with confusion

Luxford, K., Axam, A., Hasnip,F., Dobrohodoff, J., Strudwick, M., Reeve, R., Hou, C & Viney, R. (2015) Improving clinician-carer communication for safer hospital care: a study of the “TOP5” strategy in patients with dementia International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 1–8. Available from: “TOP5” strategy in patients with dementia (PDF)

Modbury hospital uses TOP5 tool to improve care by engaging consumers and carers. 2017 Innovations Workshops and Awards. The Health Round Table. Available from: Modbury Hospital Uses TOP 5 Tool to Improve Care by Engaging Consumers and Carers

TOP5 Improving care of patients with dementia 2012-2013. The final report of the first round of TOP5 research by the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). Available from: TOP5 Improving care of patients with dementia 2012-2013 (PDF)

TOP5 has been featured in:

External page link  Assessment and Management of people with Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD). A Handbook for NSW Health Clinicians. RANZCP (Figure 3.2 pg 16) May 2013.

External page link Tinsley M, Gilmore E, Chan M, Axam A, Luxford K. TOP 5 – improving the care of people with dementia across health care settings. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2014;14(9)

External page link Understanding each person with dementia’s individual needs: A useful strategy to support person centred care is the “TOP5”. Caresearch, September, 2015

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