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End of Life Care at Home

‘an event is only an emergency when there is no plan.’

carers guidebook Supporting End of Life Care at home

The carers guidebook Supporting End of Life Care at home has been developed after lengthy consultation with local carers, support group facilitators and a review of existing literature.

PDF Document Supporting End of Life Care at home (1.24 MB)

The resource has three parts:

1. Preparation for the months and weeks before end of life

2. Addressing concerns during the last days and hours

3. Preparation for the grieving process and signposts for additional support

Throughout the guidebook the carer is supported to plan ahead, develop checklists of tasks and or questions to help their discussion with health professionals, the person who is dying and their family and friends.

The toolkit for carers lists the key elements incorporated into the resource to help carers prepare, plan and remain as well and healthy during end of life care giving.

Toolkit for carers

  • Prepare and write questions in advance
  • Ask questions & expect answers
  • Write information down (date, name, role/job, detail)
  • Clarify misunderstanding
  • Review individual circumstances
  • Plan for your next step
  • Build a network of care to help you.
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