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Patients & Visitors

Overseas Patients

​If you are ineligible for an Australian Medicare card you will be charged for all health services provided by us except for:

  1. Medically necessary assessment and treatment covered by a reciprocal health care agreement and the patient does not elect to be treated as a private chargeable patient.
  2. Involuntary admission or compulsory community ordered treatment for a mental health condition.
  3. Assessment and treatment of a designated public health condition, for example tuberculosis or a sexually transmitted infection.
  4. Services provided to asylum seekers and refugees with a bridging or a temporary protection visa.
  5. Persons injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW who are NOT the driver AT FAULT.

Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or cash.

Emergency and life-threatening illnesses will always be treated regardless of your country of origin.

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