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For a site map indicating parking areas see finding your way around.

Gosford Hospital

Outside the main entrance

The area outside the main entry and emergency department is a 10 minute pick-up and drop-off zone.
Some short term parking spaces are reserved for people with disabilities.

Multistorey car park

A multistorey car park is available at the back of the hospital. This is located on Hospital Road, off Racecourse Road. Public parking is available on levels 1 to 4. Accessible parking spaces are provided on all levels of the multistorey car park.

A limited number of 20 minute drop off/pick up spaces are available on Level 2. These allow visitors to set down, escort a patient into the hospital and then drive away or find a parking space.

For easy access to the hospital, take the car park lift to level 5 and follow the signs to the main entrance.

Parking fees

0 to 1 hour $1.20

1 to 2 hours $2.30

2 to 3 hours $3.50

3 to 4 hours $4.60

Concessional car parking

Car parking concession rates are available for eligible patients and their carers who require regular or long-term hospitalisation and/or treatment. For information on who is eligible, how to claim the concession rate and eligible concession cards, see:

PDF Document Concessional car parking brochure (141 KB)

Courtesy Bus

A courtesy bus is available for patients, visitors and staff who would like to avoid driving to the hospital. It runs approximately every 15 minutes from Gosford Railway Station.

Internal page link Courtesy Bus

Wyong Hospital

Public parking is available in the car park at the front of the main entrance.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities are located outside the main entrance.

Woy Woy Hospital

There are several parking options for visitors to Woy Woy Hospital including parking outside the main entrance in addition to adjacent to the Rehabilitation Unit and Transitional Care Unit.

Long Jetty Healthcare Centre

The main parking for Long Jetty Healthcare Centre and Community Health Centre is at the front of the main entrances as you enter from Wyong Road.

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