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Development Opportunities

Our community deserves the best in care which is why we invest in the professional development and ongoing education of our staff. Our internal nursing education and management teams work together with staff to create a safe and positive environment for learning which promotes critical thinking, decision-making, reflective practice and the importance of non-technical skill development.

Our primary education partner the NSW Health Education Training Institute (HETI) offers a range of online and face-to-face courses to ensure best practice standards that enable improved patient outcomes. Nurses can enrol in courses and choose to develop their clinical, communication, education, leadership or management skills. Other key internal courses offered include preceptorship, quality improvement methodologies, research, and clinical supervision. Theoretical education is supported with experiential learning in the simulated learning environments through contextualised scenarios and innovative virtual reality technologies.

We work with several education providers to offer postgraduate certificate courses to enhance your specialist nursing skills. The University of Tasmania offers scholarships for CCLHD nurses and midwives for postgraduate certificate courses in acute care, cardiovascular, critical care, aged care, child and family health, community health, emergency, neonatal intensive care, renal nursing, clinical nursing and teaching, paediatrics, peri-operative, mental health/psychiatric nursing, Masters in Clinical Nursing and Masters of Midwifery.

In collaboration with the Australian College of Nursing you can also access other postgraduate courses, short courses, distance modules, conferences and self-directed study.

Nurses and Midwives also have the opportunity to contribute a small amount each pay to a Nurses and Midwives scholarship fund which gives you access to funds on a yearly basis to pay for continuing education and/or conference attendance.

For more information contact 4320 3678.
For mental health nursing enquiries contact 4320 5378.
For midwifery enquiries 4320 3836.

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