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Communicable Diseases Outbreak Resources

These resources are available to help you develop your disease outbreak plan. The information is specifically designed for Residential Care Facilities (RCFs) and/or Child Care Facilities (CCFs) but can be adapted to meet your needs. Resources for Residential Care Facilities…

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Sexual Health

Contact 02 4320 2114 or fax 02 4320 2020 The Holden Street Sexual Health Clinic is a specialist HIV and Sexual Health service which provides confidential specialist medical care and counselling for people from priority populations including people living with HIV, men who…

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Emergency Management

The Public Health Unit provides public health services as part of the Local Health District response to emergencies.  Emergency Preparedness NSW Health's emergency preparedness information (includes 'beat the heat').

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Outpatient With Nurse

Outpatient Clinics

Appointments Outpatient clinics are provided to patients who need to be reviewed by a consulting specialist for a variety of reasons. This may be as a result of recent surgery or a recent admission to hospital. An initial outpatient appointment…

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Respiratory Investigation Units

Respiratory Investigation Units are located at Gosford and Wyong hospitals. Enquiries 02 4320 3529 | Fax 02 4320 2042 The Respiratory Investigation Units Measure most aspects of lung function Provide advice and education for health professionals and patients about respiratory disease. The Units…

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Renal (Kidney) Services

Sometimes kidney diseases can lead to kidney failure (also referred to as renal failure). Dialysis removes waste and extra fluid from the blood when the kidneys fail. We provide dialysis in four locations across the Central Coast in addition to…

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Public Health

Contact the Public Health Unit on 02 4320 9730 The Public Health Unit (PHU) is part of a statewide network of Public Health Units and provides services in: Environmental health Infectious disease surveillance and control Immunisation Epidemiology Emergency management and…

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