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Communicable Diseases Outbreak Resources

These resources are available to help you develop your disease outbreak plan. The information is specifically designed for Residential Care Facilities (RCFs) and/or Child Care Facilities (CCFs) but can be adapted to meet your needs. Resources for Residential Care Facilities…

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We provide advice and support to general practitioners and health workers on immunisation.  We work with immunisation providers on the Central Coast to achieve full immunisation of all children.  NSW Health information about childhood, school and adult immunisation programs.

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Emergency Management

The Public Health Unit provides public health services as part of the Local Health District response to emergencies.  Emergency Preparedness NSW Health's emergency preparedness information (includes 'beat the heat').

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We support and facilitate health outcomes projects and bring a population health perspective to service planning and delivery within the Central Coast Local Health District.  We monitor the health of our population through a regular Community Health Survey - 2002 (3 MB PDF) | 2006 (2…

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Infectious Disease Surveillance

We receive notification of certain infectious diseases from hospitals, general practitioners, laboratories and schools.  We work with these groups in the community setting to prevent further spread of notifiable diseases. We work closely with other Local Health District services including…

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Environmental Health

​We monitor and investigate potential environmental health hazards and ensure that the relevant Public Health Act and Regulations are enforced, including the sale of tobacco to children.  We provide advice and information on how to deal with these hazards including…

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Public Health

Contact the Public Health Unit on 02 4320 9730 The Public Health Unit (PHU) is part of a statewide network of Public Health Units and provides services in: Environmental health Infectious disease surveillance and control Immunisation Epidemiology Emergency management and…

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