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CCLHD Publications

PDF Document  Clinical Services Plan 2023-2028 (10MB)

The CCLHD Clinical Services Plan 2023-2028 sets out the blueprint for us to achieve our vision of Caring for the Coast over the next five years.

It identifies opportunities to develop our services and increase our capacity to better meet the health needs of our community. It documents our plans to harness these opportunities to provide exceptional care for our patients, community and staff.

Strategic Research Plan 2022-2026 cover

PDF Document Strategic Research Plan 2022-2026 (1MB)

The CCLHD Strategic Research Plan 2022-2026 builds on the previous Research Plans that realised the appointment of Professor Nick Goodwin as the inaugural Director of Research for the District and CCRI. He brings his extensive experience in translational research and integrated models of care to the Central Coast. The District is now well placed to be a partner in applying the results of translational research into integrated care and embedding them into routine health care for our community.

PDF Document Organisational Sustainability Plan 2020-2023 (1MB)

Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) has embarked on a three-year strategy, called our Organisational Sustainability Plan (OSP). It aims to deliver improved patient outcomes at/or better than peers across all specialties, while improving our financial sustainability to enable the District to meet our changing community’s needs into the future and to support investment in innovation.

The OSP is mandated by our Board and supports the overarching goal of our Caring for the Coast Strategy 2019-2024 to provide safe, consistently high quality health services that reflect the health needs and preferences of the individual patient and consumer.

Caring for the Coast strategy 2019-2024

PDF Document Caring for the Coast strategy 2019-2024 (4.23MB)

Caring for the Coast is in our DNA. It is what we strive to achieve on a day-to-day basis and what we work to improve on year-on-year. This mission does not change. What differs are the ways in which we accomplish this because healthcare is dynamic. It is most effective when it reflects the ever-changing population and needs of the community that it supports.

Our Caring for the Coast Strategy 2019- 2024 looks at the next five years. It sets out a blueprint for what we want to achieve, a roadmap for how we might get there, and the elements that we will need to adapt to.

PDF Document Caring for our Community Plan 2021-2031 (3.2MB)

The Central Coast Local Health District Caring for our Community Plan 2021-2031 sets out a blueprint for what we want to achieve for our Community Health Services over the next 10 years and provides a roadmap for how we might get there. The Plan acknowledges the important trends occurring towards community based health care and strives to be at the forefront of this trend. The Plan was developed in consultation with over 200 community members, staff and external partners.

PDF Document Organisational Improvement and Innovation Framework (2.3MB)

This framework sets the aspiration for the District to become an improvement leader, locally, nationally and internationally. The framework is also a roadmap as it describes the tools, which when applied, will see the organisation become a place where patient safety and quality improvement is central to everything we do and an intrinsic part of everyone’s job, every day, in all parts of the District. Engagement, and working with consumers, community representatives, primary health care providers (inclusive of general practitioners) will be a vital part of our success.

Diabetes Care On The Central Coast

PDF Document Diabetes care on the Central Coast 2017-2021 (1.74MB)

The new Diabetes Plan and Model of Care are important to address the increasing rate of diabetes on the Central Coast – about 10 per cent of adults living in the region have diabetes, mostly type 2 diabetes.

Diversity And Inclusion Programs

PDF Document Diversity and Inclusion Programs (2MB)

Please enjoy learning about the many ways that Central Coast Local Health District seeks to deepen diversity and inclusion as part of how we ‘Care for the Coast’ every single day.

Collaborative Partnership Agreement

PDF Document Aboriginal Health Service Collaborative Agreement (1.3MB)

Nunyara provides a focus for health services for Aboriginal people in CCLHD, a focus for Aboriginal health workers in CCLHD, and a voice for Aboriginal people using any of the services provided by CCLHD.

Best Practice Food and Nutrition 2 Cover

PDF Document Best Practice Food and Nutrition Manual Volume 2.1 (18.8MB)

There is one exception to the epidemic of overweight and obesity in Australia. Older people can be at risk of malnutrition if they depend on others to provide their food. The Food and Nutrition Manual for Aged Care provides appropriate, practical and helpful information for all staff of aged care homes, dietitians and those who have loved ones in care.

Eating Well A Nutrition Resource for Older People Cover

PDF Document Eating Well A Nutrition Resource for Older People and their Carers (3MB)

This resource has been written to provide practical food and nutrition ideas and advice for older people, their carers and support workers.

PDF Document Eating Well brochure (440KB)

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