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Outpatient With Nurse

Outpatient Clinics

Appointments Outpatient clinics are provided to patients who need to be reviewed by a consulting specialist for a variety of reasons. This may be as a result of recent surgery or a recent admission to hospital. An initial outpatient appointment…

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Speech Pathology (Adult)

Outpatient Speech Pathology services for adults are offered at Gosford and Wyong hospitals. Service Description Outpatient services for: Swallowing difficulties and patients requiring Videofluroscopic Swallow Studies (VFSS): Coughing or choking on swallowing Food getting stuck in the throat Recurrent (aspiration)…

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Speech pathology for children

Does my child need to see a speech pathologist? At Central Coast Local Health District, our speech pathologists work with children who find it hard to: use words and sentences understand what is said to them speak clearly speak smoothly…

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