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Children and Young People’s Mental Health

​Children and Young People’s Mental Health (CYPMH) is a specialist mental health service which provides mental health services for infants, children and young people 0 to 24 years.

CYPMH has a longstanding background in research and evaluation with a dedicated research position funded since 1996.  An initial research focus on early psychosis has evolved to see the development of best practice principles in youth mental health more broadly, and the implementation and evaluation of a range of projects and clinical interventions.

CYPMH is engaged in a large range of research projects including;

  • The headspace Youth Alliance, which consists of a team of eight young people who are employed by the service on a casual basis to contribute ideas and opinions around service design and delivery, and participate in a range of activities.
  • The Aboriginal Youth Mental Health Project, which seeks to enhance mental health service provision for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people on the central coast. A key objective of the program is to enhance the cultural competence of the organisation and gain insight into the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who access CYMPH services.
  • The Family and Friends project, which seeks to enhance the participation of family and friends in mental health services

To find out more about CYPMH research or services please contact Research Officer on 02 4328 7316.

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