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Dr Maged William, Staff Specialist & Director of Cardiology

“Research offers a potentially better regime and treatment for patients who might never otherwise have had the chance to try these new therapies.”

–  Dr Maged William

After 11 years of working with Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD), Dr Maged William believes that research is essential and plays a vital role in developing new treatment strategies for patients whilst seeking to find a cure for disease.

Dr William started working with the former Central Coast Local Health Service as a Staff Specialist in 2003 and in 2011 was appointed the Director of Cardiology, a role he says he enjoys because of the staff he works with and the Central Coast community.

“The greatest thing about working on the Central Coast is the people. The dedicated clinicians and nursing staff who care for the people of the coast. I love the friendliness and the welcoming nature of working with CCLHD and the community.”

In addition to Dr William’s clinical role he is an active researcher with the Cardiology Research Unit, which was established in 1990 and is based at Gosford Hospital. Since its establishment the Unit has conducted over 70 large international clinical trials and enrolled over 3500 patients in these studies. Dr William says these trials have given participants the opportunity to test a regime to potentially improve their quality of life and in some cases provided access to drugs and treatments not yet available in Australia through any other means.

Of these trial participants Dr William says there have been four particularly memorable and special patients who participated in back to back trials from 1990 to 2013 and who were disappointed when the unit ran out of trials they could participate in.

Dr William says he recommends participation in research both to staff and patients as although from a staff perspective it is hard work it is also challenging and rewarding.

“To anyone considering a research career pathway I would say, go for it! It is rewarding, challenging and hard work but to see the outcomes is very satisfying. Research aids in the development of clinicians and their training. I enjoy seeing junior doctors embrace research and research outcomes in their pathway to becoming fully fledged Cardiologists.”

The Cardiology Research Unit currently has three research projects open for patient recruitment and aims to ensure that every patient is given the opportunity to participate in Cardiology research at CCLHD, says Dr William.

“I’m excited to see the Cardiology Research Unit expand to provide more patients with access to research, particularly over the next three years with the development and implementation of a strategic Research Plan for CCLHD.”

Any patient or member of the community wishing to find out more about cardiology research should contact  02 320 2358 or

If you would like to see what research is currently being undertaken within CCLHD please visit our Research Projects page.

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