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Butterfly’s Journey

Artist: Leah Bennetts Community participants: Rachael Powell, Lucy Leu-Marshall. Multi-plate linocut, jigsaw print, 2021 As the butterfly travels along its path, life just seems to happen. From egg to caterpillar, sparkling chrysalis and back to butterfly, this all transpires among…

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Eagle Hawk Fishing

Artist: Leah Bennetts Community participants: Marcus Mariani, Trent Hancock Jnr, Chase Gariano. Linocut, jigsaw print, 2021 Eagle Hawk totem in action soaring overhead, watching over the people of the Central Coast. Looking out over the shimmering Tuggerah Lake, it keeps…

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Tide’s out

Artist: Leah Bennetts Community participants: Vidushi Khatri, Ray Heinter. Linocut, jigsaw print, 2021 Coastal landscape depicting the northern Central Coast. Wyong River flowing into Tuggerah Lake, a tribute to the Darkinyung (Darkinjung) people of the area with the representation of…

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Tuggerah Lake

Artist: Leah Bennetts Community participants: Joshua Martin, Trent Hancock Jnr. Linocut, jigsaw print, 2021 Standing on the shore of Tuggerah Lake peering through the eucalypts and casuarinas. Watching marine life play as the water flows out to the sea.

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Artist: Lisa McArthur Edwards Community participants: Simone Hudson, Chenelle Daley. Woodblock relief print, 2021 There are many views and topographies of the coast. I wanted to take two different topographies and print them together for the overlapping of colours of…

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Artist: Lisa McArthur-Edwards Community participants: Michelle Rinkin, Simone Hudson, Alice Grant, Mary Hickson. Collagraph and drypoint, 2021 We are so blessed with our coastline. Rugged rock formations, eucalyptus and dense native shrubs and trees and stunning National Parks. Pristine oceans,…

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Darkinyung (Darkinjung) title: Gudumang

English Title: Turtle Cove Artist: Cheryl McCoy Community participants: Alison Reed, Shayde Wrighter. Multi-coloured woodblock and lino block, 2021 Turtles provided a food source for Darkinyung (Darkinjung) people at certain times of the year. Turtles are also a symbol of…

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Keep on Swimming!

Artist: Lisa McArthur-Edwards Community participants: Chenelle Daley, Jaleel Coombe, Karen McMillan. Collagraph and woodblock relief, 2021 Our coastal seas are clear, clean and abundant. Brimming with fish life, many varieties large and small, light bouncing from their scales. Look closely,…

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Aboriginal Artwork

Our Art Strategy

Wyong Hospital  Keep on Swimming!  Coastal  Country  Tuggerah Lake  Tide’s out  Eagle Hawk Fishing  Butterfly’s Journey  All was Calm in the Forest at Dusk  Do You See what I Sea  I will follow the River to the Sea  I’m Dreaming…

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