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Our Art Strategy

Treasures of Darkinyung (Darkinjung) Country

Artist: Karen Roder

Community participants: Tara Webster-Johnson, Scott Liddell, Nicola Barr, Bailey Meninti-Newall,
Naomi Pathirana, Lisa Absalom, Candace Douglass, Olivia Clark, Irma Yap, Belinda Boon.
Lino block carving and printing technique, hand-painted with watercolour and acrylic paint; 2021

The swamp wallaby emerges shyly at dusk to feed on the native shrubs, grasses and ferns. She is surrounded by an array of native botanicals: flannel flowers – a symbol of purity, safe and soft; native gingers, ferns and grass trees. Overhead is a cathedral of majestic angophora trees and flowering gums, common to her habitat. She lives harmoniously with the birds, the snails and the insects. This is her habitat and her community.

Treasures of Darkinyung (Darkinjung) Country

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