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How to stay in a good “headspace” during the HSC

Year 12 can be an incredibly tough time for young people, so headspace Gosford and Lake Haven are offering some tips and hints for Central Coast students facing this final high school hurdle.

headspace Gosford and Lake Haven Manager Helen Isenhour said it can be challenging to stay in a good headspace when pressure is being felt from teachers, parents, peers – and also from young people themselves.

“The HSC exams can be an extremely stressful period in a young person’s life, and many young people may require support to develop additional coping strategies,” Ms Isenhour said.

“It can also be a difficult transition phase for young people as they are getting ready to leave school and take on the many challenges that will face them in the next stage of their life.”

Ms Isenhour said headspace recommends a “back-to-basics” approach when it comes to tackling HSC stress, which includes simple stress-buster techniques.

“Don’t stop doing the things you love – listen to music, go for a walk, talk to friends. Try to remove negative distractions that might cause extra worry and use intentional, healthy distractions to keep you refreshed and relaxed – whatever works for you.”

Ms Isenhour also recommends young people look after themselves by getting plenty of rest, eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. If they feel consistently anxious or overwhelmed, it is important to ask for help from headspace Gosford or Lake Haven, eheadspace, a counsellor, professional, your GP or a mental health help line.

Parents and families can also play an important role in lowering stress levels for students sitting their exams.

“Try to eliminate any unnecessary demands or added pressure to perform and keep their expectations and outlook in perspective – remind them there is life after the HSC and lots of different career pathways,” Ms Isenhour said.

The HSC written exams start on Monday 16 October. If you or a loved one needs further support or advice,  contact headspace Gosford on 4304 7870 or headspace Lake Haven on 4394 9100.

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About headspace
headspace is the national youth mental health foundation, helping 12 -25 year olds going through a tough time. headspace Gosford is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm at, 237 Mann Street Gosford (opposite Gosford railways station in the Gateway Building) and headspace Lake Haven is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm at Gravity Youth Centre, next to Lake Haven Shopping Centre. These centres offer free a range of free support services for young people going through a tough time.
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