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Keep your festive food safe

As thousands of Coasties prepare to host family and friends for Christmas lunch on
Saturday, we’re being urged to practice good food hygiene.

Coast Local Health District’s Infection Prevention and Control Nurse Manager Kirsty
Graham has warned Christmas is usually a time when cases of food poisoning
become more common.

“The combination of hot weather, full fridges, lots of guests, buffet style serving and
leaving food out to nibble on really increases the risk of food poisoning,” said Ms

“It can be serious for some people, especially the elderly and children, as they can
get dehydrated and very sick,” she added.

“Remember, some foods are best served at a cold temperature, like seafood and
should not be kept for later if they’ve been out of the fridge for a long time.
“Other foods, like chicken and turkey need to be cooked thoroughly,” said Ms

  • Following simple hygiene advice in the kitchen can make all the difference
  • Wash hands before preparing food and after handling raw poultry and meat
  • Cook food thoroughly, especially poultry, meat, eggs and seafood
  • Wash all fruit and vegetables
  • Store leftovers in sealed containers, reheat thoroughly and consume within 2-
    3 days
  • Wash utensils between use
  •  Don’t leave cooked food at room temperature for more than two hours

More food handling tips can be found at

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