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Junior doctors boost local blood donations

Junior Medical Officers from Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) are getting
behind the inaugural Red Cross Lifeblood Doctors in Training Blood Drive.

Across October and November, our junior doctors will be aiming to save 300 lives
through 100 blood donations and attract at least 30 new donors.
Justin Clark is championing the cause for the Central Coast, after being involved in
similar initiatives as a medical student.

“I donate regularly because I see from the hospital perspective how important blood
donations are.” Justin said.

“We did a similar thing at uni, called the Vampire Cup, so it’s nice to be able to be
involved in making this blood drive happen.”

Fellow intern Martha James grew up in the UK during the 1990s meaning she was
unable to donate blood in Australia because of the UK outbreak of human variant of
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), often known as mad cow disease.

Recently, following approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration the ban on
UK donations was lifted and Martha was quick to donate.

“I had always wanted the opportunity so I signed up as soon as I could,” Martha said.

“The process was painless. Reclining in a chair for 45 minutes with people offering
me drinks was actually quite a treat,” said Martha.

“The tea and chocolates provided just sealed the deal that I would be back to donate

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