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Central Coast Nurse to make 600th Blood donation

Gosford Hospital nurse Steve Prasad marks a rare milestone this week, making his
600th blood donation.

Becoming one of only 75 Australians to ever reach the 600 donation milestone, Steve
has helped to save the lives of more than 1,800 people. A lifelong dedication inspired
by his mother.

“She was a donor with a very rare antibody that is used to save the lives of unborn
babies whose mothers have an incompatible blood type,” Steve said.

“Once I was old enough I wanted to help people by becoming a donor too.”

Through his donations, Steve discovered his own blood is special, with a missing
antibody meaning it can be used to make Hepatitis B vaccinations. He once even
provided an emergency blood donation for a patient in South Australia.

As a theatre nurse at Gosford Hospital for 29 years, Steve regularly sees first-hand
what a difference blood donations can make and that’s what keeps him going.

“Just knowing I am out there helping someone. It makes me feel good.” Steve said.

After reaching the milestone of 500 donations, Steve was inspired to keep going
during a conversation with previous blood donation Guinness World Record holder
James Harrison, a fellow Coastie, who retired on 1,200 donations at the age of 81.

On top of making a plasma donation every fortnight, Steve also volunteers at
Lifeblood West Gosford making milkshakes for other blood donors.

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