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Research Framework

Board Research Committee

The CCLHD Board Research Committee (BRC) was established to advise the CCLHD Board and Chief Executive on research governance and strategies to promote and support research in CCLHD. The responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • Oversee the development of a research strategic plan
  • Monitor the implementation of the plan
  • Consider and identify funding opportunities for research at CCLHD
  • Assist in the development of key messages in relation to research for CCLHD
  • Promote the activities of the researchers and any research institutes within the CCLHD
  • Ensure that the CCLHD meets its Commonwealth and State governance and reporting requirements in relation to research
  • Monitor compliance with the National Code of Conduct for Research
  • Report to the Board on CCLHD’s performance against the research plan.

Operational Research Committee

The CCLHD Operational Research Committee (ORC’s) purpose is to advance research within CCLHD and as a Sub-Committee of the CCLHD Board Research Committee (BRC) enable the operational aspects of the CCLHD Research Plan.

PDF Document CCLHD Research Plan for 2017-2021 (374 KB)

The ORC will identify, develop and recommend implementation of activities that will improve the operational effectiveness for the conduct of research across the CCLHD and grow the research capabilities.  It will interface with the Executive and staff of the CCLHD to ensure that all its actions are consistent with the strategic directions of the LHD.

The responsibilities of the ORC are to work with the Board Research Committee (BRC) and Research Manager to operationalise the CCLHD Research Plan by:

  • maintaining a network of trained researchers, research students, academic appointments and other staff interested in research;
  • supporting growth in research capabilities;
  • creating opportunities for increased research capacity;
  • increasing research funding and outputs;
  • supporting clinicians to translate research outcomes into clinical practice;
  • advising on the distribution of philanthropic research funding;
  • reviewing low risk and quality assurance research applications;
  • providing ongoing research education and training for established and new researchers; and
  • nominating researchers for awards in research and innovation.

Research Plan

The CCLHD Research Plan 2017-2021 builds on the achievements of the previous Research Plan 2013-2016, which saw the establishment of the Research Office, the Research Governance Framework, and the delivery of research education programs and partnerships that enhanced our researcher’s capabilities. It was a time of setting the solid foundations for research in the CCLHD.

The CCLHD Research Plan for 2017-2021 has been developed following wide consultation with LHD staff and our external research partners. The Research Plan sets out a vision for the LHD that is mindful of the significant changes occurring in the research landscape, locally and at State and National levels. Through this plan we we will extend our partnerships and place the CCLHD at the forefront of global Integrated Care Research.

Research governance framework

The CCLHD Research Governance Framework has been developed to define the requirements for and mechanisms by which effective governance of research is undertaken within its organisation. It reflects and reinforces the principles of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2007).

PDF Document Research Governance Framework (695 KB)

The framework specifies the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of all those who play a part in research within CCLHD and demands compliance with the laws, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice governing the conduct of research.

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