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Screening Points

COVID-19 Screening Points

To help protect our patients, their families and our staff we have established COVID-19 Screening Points at key locations across our hospitals, healthcare centres and all other facilities to identify anyone who may require testing for COVID-19.

This is part of statewide efforts, led by NSW Health, to increase surveillance and the identification of anyone who may require testing for COVID-19. It will also increase current layers of protection for patients, their families and staff.

What will happen at Screening Points?

All people will need to be screened before being allowed past a COVID-19 Screening Point. This includes staff, patients and visitors.

Screening will involve questions initially.

Temperature testing will also be introduced in stages across our facilities.

All those cleared for entry past a COVID-19 Screening Point will be issued a coloured sticker – there will be a different coloured sticker each day to allow for monitoring.

People who are not cleared will be asked to attend a COVID-19 Clinic for testing.

These measures are designed to keep you, our most vulnerable patients and the frontline staff who care for them safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for helping us to protect our community.

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