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Recruitment Strategies

Aboriginal Workforce Development Consultant

The District’s Aboriginal Workforce Development Consultant builds strong relationships with the Aboriginal community and connects the District to community. The role also:

  • develops employment strategies and programs for Aboriginal people
  • provides important cultural support to Aboriginal staff
  • oversees the development and implementation of initiatives that build the cultural safety and responsiveness of workforce and health services
  • plays an integral role in the District’s goal to become an employer of choice for Aboriginal people

The District’s Aboriginal employment participation rate has grown from an average of 0.8% of its workforce in 2012 to just under 3% of its workforce in 2021. Growing and developing our workforce continues to be a priority for the District to ensure that our workforce reflects the social profile of our community, so we can provide culturally appropriate health care to our Central Coast community.

Supported recruitment (identified and targeted positions)

The District particularly welcomes applications from people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. This is represented in job advertisements as:

  • Identified positions’, which require an Aboriginal person to perform the duties.
  • Targeted positions’, which provide preference for Aboriginal applicants above other applicants. These positions are generally advertised with a notation that the District supports diversity and equal employment opportunities.

Stepping Up resource

‘Stepping Up’ aims to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job applicants to understand how to apply for roles within NSW Health by clarifying the recruitment process and addressing some of the challenges they can experience, so they can more effectively apply for roles.

For more information about ‘Stepping Up’ and applying for jobs within NSW Health, please visit:
Stepping up logo
External page link Stepping Up

External page link Working for NSW Health – Stepping Up

Further links

External page link Aboriginal Workforce in NSW Health

PDF Document Overview of the District’s Aboriginal Workforce Programs 2017-2020 (1 MB)

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