Advance Care planning

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Carers are often called upon to make decisions and become the voice of the person they support when that individual is unable to speak for themselves. When considering health care interventions and lifestyle choices carers find the decision making easier if they have had the opportunity to discuss and understand the wishes of the individual before-hand.


Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a process of thinking about and discussing healthcare interventions and lifestyle choices in advance. The process of ACP supports self-determination, provides insight into what an individual values and what they would consider unbearable – vital information to guide healthcare and lifestyle decision-making should the individual be unable to speak for themselves.

Tools for Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning brochure PDF Document Advance Care Planning brochure (495 KB)

Provides an outline and rationale for Advance Care Planning, definition of terms Advance Care Directive, Advance Care Planning, Person Responsible, Capacity in addition to FAQs and links to additional information.

Advance Care Planning posterPoster series promoting Advance Care Planning for everyone, variety of images (age, gender, culture), signpost to more information.

PDF Document poster 1 (400 KB)

PDF Document poster 2 (404 KB)

PDF Document poster 3 (419 KB)

PDF Document poster 4 (421 KB)

PDF Document poster 5 (414 KB)

Advance Care Planning Community Workbook PDF Document Advance Care Planning community workbook (7.33 MB)

Provides a structure to promote and support discussions, includes activities to assist in the selection of a substitute decision-maker and ACD/ACP template.

Anyone who is interested in running ACP training with clients and their carers will find the ACP facilitator's resource of interest. This resource contains helpful hints, session plans, and detailed bibliography based on CSU research into Advance Care Planning.

PDF Document ACP facilitators resource (164 KB)